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Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson


My name is Eric Nelson, and I founded Servo Wealth Management in 2012 to help individuals and families to adopt a simpler and smarter investment approach so that they would have a better chance of achieving their long-term financial goals.

My career as a financial advisor did not start off well—I first worked at the brokerage firm UBS (PaineWebber at the time), calling people out of the phone book to sell them stocks off our approved list so that I could make my monthly commission quota. I wasn’t very good at convincing people, which in a way was good because the stocks UBS were touting didn’t do very well.

After barely a year I left to join the investment group of M&T Bank, where I first learned about asset allocation and the failure of traditional actively-managed mutual funds to outperform the market. Every fund I picked had a tremendous historical track record but seemed to flop as soon as I started adding them to client portfolios. I learned the hard way about the failure of outperforming managers to continue their winning ways.

Fed up with the commission-based side of the business, I moved to Oklahoma City in 2001 with my ex-wife, and joined Charles Schwab. I had by this time started to learn about the benefits of investing in index funds instead of actively-managed funds, and I liked that Schwab had a family of index funds I could recommend and also that they didn’t pay their financial advisors commissions to sell products.

While I was at Schwab, I learned more about asset allocation and was introduced to “asset class investing” by reading the timeless, classic book from William Bernstein, The Intelligent Asset Allocator. This book was also the first exposure I had to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), the investment firm who invented the concept of asset class investing in the early 1980s and who I still use to manage client portfolios to this day. But it was another discovery I made from reading the book that shaped the second half of my career—in the Appendix, Bernstein had recommended a monthly newsletter, called Asset Class, from a financial advisor in Northern California named Jeff Troutner, for those who wished to learn more about this modern asset class approach to investing. It’s not hyperbole to say that Asset Class has had a bigger impact on my career and Servo that any other single resource.

In the mid 2000s, while still at Schwab, I started working on my CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, but it was my continued self education, especially reading and rereading each issue of Jeff Troutner’s Asset Class dating back to the early 1990s that had the biggest affect on me—not just in terms of how I looked at investing, but also because I saw for the first time the direction I wanted my career to go. Jeff ran his own independent investment advisory firm applying the principles and techniques he wrote about in Asset Class to help hundreds of his clients achieve their long-term goals. THIS, I knew, was what I wanted to do.

Life sometimes takes strange turns. A few years after completing my CFA designation, and after a brief stop at a local independent investment advisory firm with a very different investment approach, I took the huge leap in 2009 to leave Oklahoma altogether, move out to Northern California, and go to work with Jeff and his firm that had become Equius Partners after merging with fellow advisor Jeff Jonkneer. I spent three fantastic years in California, working with Jeff and Phil, and his son TJ who wound up becoming a great friend, all while getting a.chance to watch many San Francisco 49ers football games in person—the team that I have been a rabid fan of since I was in elementary school parading around in my Joe Montana uniform.

After a few years in California, however, my (now) ex-wife and I, newly pregnant with my first child Tyler, made the difficult decision to move back to Oklahoma to be closer to her family. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, but it allowed me the opportunity to start my own investment advisory firm in the way that I had dreamed of for over a decade, a leap I never would have been able to make were it not for the tremendous support of my friends and colleagues at Equius who taught me so much about investing but also managing a business—Jeff, Phil, TJ, Jason, Katie just to name a few.

For over a decade now I have managed Servo, and try to spread the word to people about a simpler and smarter way to invest your serious, hard-earned savings using the same guidelines and principles that I learned about years ago from Jeff and studying his Asset Class newsletters, and later on working directly with him.

If you’d like to learn more about asset class investing and how I might be able to help you achieve your long-term financial goals, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with me to talk further.