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A Registered Investment Advisor  Experienced & Disciplined Investment Management

We are an independent, registered investment advisor (RIA) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with clients throughout the United States.

Servo was founded in 2012 by Eric Nelson, CFA, to offer individuals and families a simpler, smarter, and sensible approach to investing to help them achieve their long-term financial goals.

As of year-end 2023, Servo has grown to manage approximately $130,000,000 for individuals and families—in some cases across several generations.

Who We Help

Our clients include doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, school teachers, small business owners, executives, and retirees. They all have essential long-term retirement, income, and legacy goals they are investing for and want help achieving. Our goal is to help them achieve a better investment experience.

<sup>Expertise</sup>What We Do<br/>

ExpertiseWhat We Do

Servo offers experienced, disciplined, and consistent “asset class” investment management and advice to serious, long-term investors. We help our clients manage their taxable accounts, trust accounts, 401k rollovers, IRAs, and company accounts (401k, individual 401k, profit sharing plans, etc.).

Our investment approach entails holding highly structured portfolios of core stock and bond asset classes using institutional-class mutual funds and exchange-traded funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Each client portfolio is tailored to their unique financial situation and rigorously rebalanced to maintain consistency and integrity.

<sup>Costs</sup>Fee-only. Period.

CostsFee-only. Period.

Our clients know exactly what they pay and how it impacts their portfolio returns.

Servo charges clients a simple fee based on the size of the investment portfolio we manage. The household fee starts at 1% per year on the first $2M of assets, drops to 0.5% on amounts from $2M to $10M, and is 0.25% on amounts above $10M. One-fourth of the fee is debited from client accounts every quarter.

There are no hidden commissions or additional hourly or project-based fees; our standard fee covers all our services.

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If you have questions about your personal situation that you would like to discuss, just provide us with your name and email, and we'll send you a calendar link to schedule a time to chat.

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