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Servo Simply Smarter Investing

Many people think that successful investing and achieving your financial goals has to be complicated. Servo thinks differently. We believe the most intelligent investing approach is one that is simple and easy to understand. That’s why we call our service “simply smarter investing.”

Plotting Your Course

Plotting Your Course

What are your financial goals, and how much it will take to achieve them?

Our process starts by gaining a clear understanding of what is important to you and quantifying how much you will need to save and earn on your savings to achieve that goal.

We then work with you to design an appropriate investment portfolio “asset allocation” between stocks and bonds that you feel comfortable with and that we can reasonably expect to achieve the returns you need to be successful.

Unlike most financial advisors, however, we don’t invest your money by trying to pick hot stocks or time the markets—getting in and out to capture gains and avoid losses. All the credible research on investing finds that these speculative approaches do not work.

Instead, we diversify broadly across US and international developed country stock and bond markets while emphasizing small cap and value stock asset classes. Vast amounts of academic research, and almost a century of market history, have found that stocks in general, and small cap and value stocks in particular, have higher expected returns. Investing this way can make it easier to achieve your long-term goals and achieve more of them.

<sup>Process</sup>Management &#38;&#160;Ongoing Advice

ProcessManagement & Ongoing Advice

Most investors find investing confusing and frustrating. Not with Servo.

We use mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to hold a handful of core stock and bond asset classes in our portfolios. Dimensional funds give our clients the best combination of low costs, broad diversification, and consistent and targeted exposure to the asset classes we wish to hold. The result is a focused portfolio that is easy to understand and manage across all your accounts.

But investing is just the beginning of what we do. We talk to our clients regularly, on a schedule that makes sense to them, to stay current with their lives and goals. We also discuss their investment portfolio and the principles we follow so clients can deal with challenging times and not chase performance or panic sell when things aren't going well.

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