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Retirement Planning

Determining how much wealth will be required to retire financially secure, and making sure these resources will last during a retirement that spans over 30 years for the average married couple is at the heart of what we do. We take the time to understand what you want your retirement to look like, prioritizing what is most important, and then develop a plan to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle with the flexibility to make adjustments when unexpected events occur.

Investment Management

Our portfolios are designed to offer a high degree of liquidity to deal with expected and unexpected cash-flow demands, as well as the growth required to greatly enhance long-term real wealth in excess of periodic withdrawals. We develop and manage broadly-diversified, tax-efficient asset allocations using institutional class mutual funds that are not available to most advisors or individual investors, such as those from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). We focus extensively on education and counseling to ensure our clients remain steadfast and disciplined at all times. We avoid active management and market timing under any circumstances.

Relationship Coordination

We build deep and lasting personal relationships with our clients that allow us to fully understand their most important financial dreams, their greatest challenges, their most closely held values, and we ensure that these ideals are passed on to successive generations. We also assemble and manage a network of independent professional relationships (lawyers, CPAs, insurance agents, etc.) so that we can deliver the expertise our clients require while focusing on our core competencies.

Wealth Transfer

During and after retirement, our clients usually wish to leave a share of their wealth to family members, friends and loved ones across multiple generations, as well as organizations and charities outside of their immediate family. We help clients develop the most appropriate and efficient way of funding and fulfilling their financial legacies in a way that is not expected to impact their ability to have a financially-secure retirement.