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Our investment process always begins with an in-depth “discovery" meeting. We spend a considerable amount of time understanding the purpose our clients have for their wealth. Retiring financially independent, funding college expenses, generating a substantial and growing stream of income they won't outlive, and transferring wealth to loved ones are top priorities for many of our clients over their lifetimes.


Investment Policy

We help our clients clearly define and articulate these goals into an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) so that we can begin to prioritize our investment decisions. This process and the mutually-agreed-upon IPS serves as a core building block of our investment-management philosophy. We frequently revisit these goals over the course of our relationship to ensure that the initial priorities have not changed and should still be reflected in our portfolio design.


Knowing Ourselves

But where our clients want to go is not sufficient. We also want to understand where they’ve been—past investment experiences, how they've made investment decisions, their behavior during previous bull and bear markets, including a detailed summary of past and present holdings. This helps us to understand areas we can improve our clients’ decision-making abilities and dramatically increase the likelihood that they can achieve their long-term goals by avoiding the common pitfalls that befall the majority of investors.


Focusing on What Matters

An extensive review and mutual agreement of the long-term purpose for each client's wealth and a commitment to avoiding past mistakes helps us to ignore the short-term financial market noise and distractions we are inundated with on a regular basis. This also allows us to consistently make smarter investment decisions. It is the first step towards a philosophy and implementing a process that allows our clients to be more confident and feel more secure about their financial future.