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Planning is Pointless Without Discipline

The design and implementation of an investment portfolio based on leading-edge financial science can have a dramatic impact on long-term investment results. When applied in a customized way to what each client is trying to accomplish with their wealth, it can have a transformative effect on their financial lives as well as the lives of their loved ones and the organizations and charities they are passionate about. But even the most expertly designed, well-diversified, tax-efficient investment portfolio will fail to live up to expectations if it is not diligently maintained in the face of constant adversity.


Most Investors Aren’t Hard Wired To Handle Their Wealth

We believe the main reason why investors do not reach all of their long-term goals and aspirations is because they are unable to “stay the course” with the decisions they have made, or their decisions reflect an acknowledgement (sometimes unconsciously) of their own fickle behavior which results in a portfolio plan that is not designed to fully achieve the purpose of their wealth.



We have considerable experience working with our clients through good times and bad, and pride ourselves on the consistent communication and application of our investment principles in all market environments. We never lose faith in the well-thought-out course we have chosen, and we spend whatever time necessary on an ongoing basis instilling that faith in our clients—giving them the confidence to stick with their investment plans during even the most extreme and uncertain situations.  


This is incredibly difficult work, for sure. Going “against the grain” when pundits and media outlets are persuasively convincing us otherwise is not a natural reaction for investors. Most financial advisors face similar struggles and some even add to the hysteria.



But we have also had the opportunity to see first hand the impact that the strict adherence to our simple and time-tested financial principles have had on the lives of our clients and their families. It is these experiences, and the hopes that we will be able to duplicate these outcomes for many individuals and families in the future that gives us purpose, the strength and continued confidence to provide financial leadership to all clients who have decided to partner with us.