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A smarter approach for serious wealth.

We start by getting to know our clients—their goals, aspirations, and fears, along with the current and future resources they can commit to achieving their desired outcomes.  We help our clients prioritize their goals and then create a financial plan to help them to achieve what matters most to them while minimizing the risk of running out of money.

We help our clients understand the historical evidence about how investment markets work and how we can use this information to design a portfolio that is consistent with their long-term goals.  

Our portfolio management approach emphasizes simplicity, transparency, broad diversification, low costs, and focuses on the well-documented sources of expected return (stocks vs. bonds, value vs. growth, small cap vs. large cap, etc.).  We avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional active management as well as basic indexing. Instead, we utilize an approach known as 'asset class' investing.

We manage investment portfolios in a systematic and highly disciplined manner, and in a way that is sensitive to the tax circumstances of each individual client.  We typically use the institutional class mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) when constructing portfolios, but will incorporate existing index mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on each client tax situation.

We communicate with our clients regularly, keeping them abreast of progress relative to their goals while addressing their questions about current events or more specific financial concerns. To understand the value of an ongoing relationship with Servo, see our August 2019 newsletter, Modern Wealth Management.