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Words On Wealth

Our monthly newsletter, Words On Wealth (formerly Factors In Focus), is an essential part of our investment management and financial planning services. It is intended to be an extension of our advisory efforts, reinforcing core principles and addressing current events within the context of our investment and planning philosophy. Clients are encouraged to read each edition closely and contact us with any thoughts or questions as it relates to the content or their personal financial situation. Topics are often based on requests or derived from actual experiences we have working with clients. Words On Wealth covers themes we feel are essential to achieving a better investment experience.


AUGUST: Learning To Love Volatility

JUNE: Planning To Fail

JANUARY: Big Trouble For Small Value?


NOVEMBER: Stock Investors Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

OCTOBER: The Scariest Part of Investing

SEPTEMBER: A Better Way to Invest

AUGUST: Modern Wealth Management

JULY: Four Financial Realities That All Retirees Must Face

JUNE: What Works Isn't Always Working

MAY: Maximizing Your Returns

APRIL: Sweating the Details

MARCH: The Race Is Not Always To The Swiftest

FEBRUARY: Building on Bogle

JANUARY: Safety and Bravery


DECEMBER: Here's The Prescription

NOVEMBER: Becoming Servo

OCTOBER: Every Which Way But Loose

SEPTEMBER: Twenty Years In The Making

AUGUST: The Very Best of Something

JULY: TIME For a Different Approach?

JUNE: Less But Better

MAY: Words On Wealth

APRIL: Wanted: For Hazardous Journey

MARCH: The Interview You Will Never See On CNBC

FEBRUARY: Never Let a Correction Go To Waste

JANUARY: Stock Prices Are Higher, Now What?


NOVEMBER: Legends of the Fall

OCTOBER: Spend It If You've Got It

SEPTEMBER: And Then There Was None

AUGUST: Market Misdirection

JULY: Where We Stand

JUNE: Which FAMA(A)?

MAY: You've Got Me, Who's Got You?

APRIL: Tax-Efficient Investing

MARCH: Knowing Isn't Doing

FEBRUARY: "The Bet," Berkshire, and Better Value

JANUARY: Predictions or Probabilities?


NOVEMBERFixated On Risk

OCTOBER: Indexing Is Not Enough

SEPTEMBER: Managing Market Highs

AUGUST: You Don't Have To Outrun The Bear

JULY: Buy Lower, Sell Higher

JUNE: This Is Your Brain On Investing

MAY: Perspective, Recency, and Patience

APRIL: Are Taxes Taking Your Portfolio's Profits?

MARCH: The Most Important Lesson From The Last Seven Years

FEBRUARY: The Best Moves In A Bad Market

JANUARY: Sixteen Years Gone


DECEMBER: Sizing Up The Value-Stock Slump

NOVEMBER: When It Comes To Bonds, Balance Is Key

OCTOBER: Where Are The Gains From International Diversification

SEPTEMBER: A Bad Month For Stocks? It's About Time

JULY: The Biggest Financial Risk In Retirement

JUNE: The Simplest Principles Are The Most Profitable

MAY: What New Highs Really Mean For Investors

APRIL: Examining ETFs

MARCH: All That Is Left Is Discipline

FEBRUARY: The Value Of Sound Investment Advice

JANUARY: Long Term Is The Only Term That Matters