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You Are Invited To a Live Webinar Today With The Big Bang Theory's Dave Goetsch

You Are Invited To a Live Webinar Today With The Big Bang Theory's Dave Goetsch

April 17, 2020

Dimensional Fund Advisors will be hosting a webinar with Dave Goetsch today, Friday April 17th, at 1:00 CST.  You can register for the webcast by clicking this link.

Most people have never heard of Dave, but he's an interesting guy.  Dave was the Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, one of the longest running and most successful TV sitcoms in history.  But Dave won't be talking as much about his day job on the webcast.

Dave has been on an investment journey over the last decade that will sound familiar to many of us.  Dave started out investing by trying to pick stocks, find outperforming mutual fund managers, timing the market, and closely following financial headlines.  But he learned the hard way that these approaches didn't work for him, and he was losing a lot of sleep over his finances in the process.

Dave went through what he considers an investment transformation, which he wrote about in the article "A Transformed Investor's View of Market Volatility."  

More recently, Dave provided an update with his thoughts about how his approach is being impacted by the coronavirus, in "A Transformed Investor's Reaction to the Coronavirus."

I've heard Dave speak on a few occasions and I'm looking forward to hearing his thoughts today.  I hope you'll be able to register and join me.  If you have any friends or family members who would be interested in the webinar, please share the link.  If you're having a hard time signing up, please email or call.