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Implementing Great Investment Ideas

Implementing Great Investment Ideas

March 22, 2017
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Unlike most financial advisory firms, Servo's investment approach is based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research, not Wall Street marketing or black box schemes.  

But you can't invest in research, you need real-world investment strategies that can successfully implement that research in a consistent, cost effective, and transparent way.  No firm in the industry does a better job translating state-of-the-art academic research into robust investment portfolios than Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  That's why we use DFA funds, not just when implementing our clients' investment plans, but for 100% of our own personal money as well.  

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Servo has no affiliation with Dimensional Fund Advisors and receives no compensation from them or from any other investment firm.  Servo's only source of revenue comes directly from our clients for our ongoing investment management and financial advice.