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Make Smarter Decisions With Your Wealth

Servo provides ongoing investment planning and portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals and families. Our process is designed to help our clients accomplish their most important, long-term financial goals and improve their financial confidence and peace of mind.

In particular, Servo’s clients typically hire us to assist them in:

  • Achieving financial independence and security
  • Generating an ongoing income stream in retirement that can support their desired lifestyle
  • Enhancing their charitable and legacy aspirations
  • Minimizing the income and estate taxes associated with investing

A Personal Partnership

Servo‘s investment approach is designed to help our clients achieve their most important financial goals, but it is our ongoing partnership with clients that ensures our investment portfolios can reach their full potential.

Regular meetings, our monthly Factors In Focus newsletter, phone calls, emails, video conferences; each of our interactions with clients is designed to keep them well informed and confident about their investment portfolios and progress towards their long-term objectives. We believe the combination of a well-designed investment portfolio and a confident, disciplined investor results in the greatest likelihood of financial success.