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Structured For Success

Mutual Discovery

We begin with a casual get-to-know-you meeting or phone call. No two investors are alike, so we want to understand everything about your long-term financial goals, your investment resources, and your previous financial experiences. This helps us to determine better if and how we can help you.

But getting to know you is just part of the process. We also want to share with you important, time-tested principles about how to invest better and make smarter decisions with your wealth. We’ll outline the reasons why traditional investment approaches—active management and market timing—don’t work. We’ll share with you the considerable hidden costs that investors pay due to bad behavior—performance chasing and panic-induced selling. We will help you to understand better the long-term relationship between risk and return and how that has affected primary asset class returns. And we’ll show you how we would create and manage a broadly-diversified, tax-efficient investment portfolio that is structured to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Investment Planning

In a follow-up meeting, we will share with you a specific investment plan that takes into account the goals that you articulated to us, your current and future investments, and employs the investing principles that we reviewed in our initial conversations. We spend whatever time necessary making sure that prospective clients fully understand our investment philosophy, our specific recommendations, and how the plan will impact all aspects of their wealth, from long-term appreciation to cash flow, to taxes and the potential estate and legacy impact. We want to make sure a potential client feels well informed and confident about our proposed direction before we begin to work together.

Ongoing Management

Once our partnership begins, we manage all aspects of the implementation and investment process starting with account consolidation. We rebalance portfolios periodically to maintain the structure and integrity of the original plan, always with a focus on minimizing ongoing expenses and taxable distributions so that our clients keep more of their returns. Freed from the mundane aspects of investing, our clients have more time to focus on and review their financial progress. We provide detailed quarterly reports with performance summaries and an assessment of the portfolio’s current allocation compared to its policy. We discuss these insights regularly and evaluate any changes if they need to take place. Every step of the way, we ensure that our clients make smarter decisions with their wealth.

But managing the portfolio is just part of our responsibility. We understand most people have a difficult time sticking with their investment plans, falling prey to the fear-and-greed cycles inherent in markets. Through periodic conversations and our monthly Factors In Focus newsletter, we aim to provide our clients better insight into the behavior of their portfolio and how our long-term philosophy and principles are affected by current events. Over time, we expect these efforts to result in more confident and disciplined clients who have much greater peace of mind about their financial future.