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A smarter approach for serious wealth.

We begin with a casual “get to know you” phone call or meeting where we can learn more about your particular long-term financial goals as well as the current and future resources you will have to put towards those goals. We use this information to create a plan that outlines the steps you will need to take today and in the future to achieve success.

As a part of this plan, we will design and manage an efficient, globally-diversified, market-wide investment portfolio customized for your unique circumstances using low-cost, "institutional-class" mutual funds. Our approach differs significantly from most financial advisors and wealth managers who still recommend complex approaches based on a “selection and timing” methodology that has been discredited for decades. We avoid the significant costs of traditional active management in favor of a more modern and refined approach to investing—our philosophy is rooted in state-of-the-art academic research. We employ and adhere to core investment principles that are refreshingly simple and easy to understand and stick with.

On an ongoing basis, we take care of all the financial details for you: we ensure that your future contributions are invested appropriately, that your portfolio is consistently maintained and rebalanced, and that we meet your periodic cash flow goals if you are relying on your investments for current income. Every step of the way, we will manage your portfolio for optimal income tax and estate efficiency. We will review your plan and investment portfolio with you on a regular basis to ensure that it still reflects your most important long-term goals and aspirations and that you fully understand what you own and how it is progressing.